Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is PECLA? Who can participate? 

The Spanish and Latin American Culture Program, PECLA, comprises non-degree university level language and culture courses and it is opened to all international students that aren´t native spanish speakers.

2) Who teaches the courses? 

Courses are taught by university professors.

3) What are the courses offered?

Students can take courses included in the intensive or regular programs.

Intensive Program: 4 weeks in February or July.
Regular Program: 1 semester (4 months) March or August.

For more information about the courses, please click here.

4) What is the course load? 

Course load is 45 hours for courses within the intensive program and 80 hours for courses within the semester program.

5) Are courses certified? 

Courses are certified according to course load and satisfaction of passing requirements for each course such as practical work, tests, oral presentations, research projects, class attendance and final examinations.

Certificates are issued by the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Home institutions convert class hours into credits by means of their own principles and policies on the matter.

6) How can I register for the Program? 

For information about admission and registration, please click here.

7) Will I get a letter of admission? 

Once registration is completed, a Letter of Admission will be sent by mail.

8) Do I need a VISA or a Resident Permit? 

Although international students do not need a visa to enter the country, those intending to stay for longer than three months need to obtain a residence permit.

For more information, please click here.

9) Do I need a Health and Travel Insurance? 

In order to be admitted, it is required to send a scanned copy of health and travel insurance to  Students who do not produce a valid proof of health and travel insurance will not be admitted at UNC.

10) Is housing on campus available at UNC? 
The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba does not provide housing on campus. However, PECLA students will be given orientation and information at the Program’s welcoming session.

For more information, please write to

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