Assessment and Accreditation

Courses are certified according to course load and satisfaction of passing requirements for each course such as practical work, tests, oral presentations, research projects, class attendance and final examinations.

Partner institutions will decide which academic offer best suits the needs of the students
and advise them on how to select courses.


PECLA issues academic transcripts with detailed information about course type, course load, and final grade. PECLA has a grade point scale from 0-10 in which numbers correspond to the final grade.

0-5 Failed (D)
6-7 Good (C)
8-9 Very Good (B)
10 Excellent (A) (*)

(*) US letter grading scale

In order to transfer grades according to each institution’s grading system, it is important to consider that the minimum passing mark is six (6).

Certificates are issued by the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

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